Who we are.

At Bloom’nCuddles, we are an Early Childhood Education Enthusiast, Author and Play advocate. With different educational products, both digital and physical, Bloom ‘n’ Cuddles was birthed to cater to the needs of both Early years educators and homeschooling parents.

Learning can now be much more fun and engaging for your little one.


What we do.

What sets us apart is our commitment to making learning a playful and exciting experience. We’ve woven a tapestry of interactive games, captivating stories, and colorful activities that not only entertain but also educate. Whether it’s exploring the wonders of the animal kingdom, solving puzzles that tickle the brain, or diving into tales of brave little heroes, there’s something for every young explorer.

Meet the Principal Administrator

I’m Tonia Omolopo , my pupils call me Msthonia or Ms Toni Toni…. lol
You can call me Msthonia too.

I am an Early Childhood Educator and Play based learning Influencer .

I stepped my foot into the classroom 10 years ago and haven’t looked back since . I am also an author and Teacher trainer .

My mission is simple:

  • Change the world one toddler at a time.
  • Raise like minded educators who are ready to change the world of early childhood education, one child at a time.


We create a playful environment that your kids can play in alongside others to boost their intelligent quotients. Our games are children friendly and interesting.


Learning improves children education. At Bloom'nCuddles, we have a wonderful team of teachers that will give your children the best to allow them become smart.


Art is at the center of our teaching. We place pencils and crayons in your children's hands and allow them to use their respective creativities to create masterpiece.

“With the right team, we can achieve greatness”

“I am an early Childhood educator. I decided to follow my dreams of nurturing young minds about 10 years ago and I have not looked back.”

Thonia Faleye

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